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So we're trying to rebuild an intercity transit network - preferably publicly owned and operated - across Canada. Even if our provincial/territorial and federal governments don't quite realize that the country needs it right now. Certainly, the current management of my birth province of Saskatchewan doesn't realize it yet. That, or they are acting in defiance by using an austerity budget to justify what they've announced intent to do yesterday.

My family used the Saskatchewan Transportation Company when we lived in Saskatchewan. In the absence of a proper passenger rail service, and given the lack of attention given by privately owned bus transit, it was and still is vital to have.
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And we've lost Chuck Berry and Berni Wrightson so far this weekend, among many others whose lives I know far less of.

Update 19 March 2017: Add Jimmy Breslin to that list. :-(
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1. This is from September 2016, but I note this for curiosity's sake. I didn't know our Mint did coins for other countries, nor did I know they were in the transit token game, and that where Toronto's moving away from them, Winnipeg's moving towards them.

2. Hoping the documentary this discusses - made by the same people who did Helvetica - gets into the main cinema chains, not just the repertory movie houses.
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I watch "Pyre" on The Expanse earlier tonight.

Now, this interview with Marty Baron:

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"...and all we want, is to feel like all we got didn't cost us everything...even if we never win."

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[ profile] artbroken !

I may be leaving LJ behind, but not forgetting the friends and acquaintances I've made there...and yes, I know it's a couple of days early, but just in case...
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I would argue that at least two of our politicians at the federal level in Canada are among many people worthy of our attention and respect for coping with hard situations, even if/when we watch them in the midst of coping with errors strategic and/or tactical.

Ahmed Hussen is our current minister for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship. Erin Andersson and Michelle Zilio filed a piece with the Globe and Mail that gives us a sense of his progress, from Somali refugee to federal cabinet minister.

Chrystia Freeland went from reporter to minister for Global Affairs and International Trade. Being of Ukrainian ancestry and opposed to Russian interventions in her family's old country, that has made her a target for desinformatsiya efforts centered upon her maternal grandfather's role in local media as dictacted by the Nazi regime in Germany during World War II. There are two opinion pieces, one by Paul Wells for the Toronto Star and another by Michael Harris for iPolitics, that frame some of my thinking on the matter.

The situations each of them are now facing will change - at times, dramatically, I expect - in the days and months ahead. But I do believe each of them is working to rise to the challenges of these moments.
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Having seen only four episodes of the second season thus far (specifically episodes 3 thru 6), and none of the novels - which look rather dense on the shelves of the local bookstores - I have to admit to some curiosity about the whole thing, and a lot of uncertainty about what questions to ask about which aspects in what order. Also, I notice among those who have already been reading and/or watching, there's a growing enthusiasm. forum for discussion of what makes the novels and/or TV series work for those of you who got there before me.


Mar. 9th, 2017 08:38 pm
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Just did some culling of feeds and deactivated friendlisters' accounts from my LJ friendlist. Seemed like the thing to do tonight. Slowly migrating a few more things over to Dreamwidth.

(And yes, still the same username at Dreamwidth as at LJ. I was surprised to find the username available, honestly. Glad, but surprised.)
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Good morning, and good luck.

As we consider how to spend what we can of today that's not set aside for anything else on this International Women's Day, here's an opinion piece filed with CBC News by Rosemary Westwood for our shared consideration:
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Could each of you reading this recommend to me one other Dreamwidth user that I should get acquainted with?
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Yesterday, there was a bunch of protests against M-103, a motion by Liberal MP Iqra Khalid of Mississauga targeting Islamophobia as a Problem to be studied and solved to whatever degree possible (along with other forms of bigotry) in several cities across Canada.

What brings me continued hope for the future of Canada is that in every case, opposing rallies were organized and fielded in defence of M-103.


Regina and Saskatoon.
Montréal and Ville de Québec.

I haven't heard of the like in Ottawa-Gatineau, and I don't know whether to be hopeful or worried about that. If you know of similar events elsewhere in Canada, I'd be glad of links to the reports.

Again: counter-protests against bigotry? Cause for hope.
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Courtesy of the Toronto Star:

Something to strive for.


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